Terms & conditions

These Terms and Conditions are correct at the Time of Printing and maybe changed without prior notice, please contact us if you require an up to date copy of our Terms and Conditions:

Food, Beverage and Room Hire are accepted by Leith's Limited (the Company) under the following Terms and Conditions

1. General

a. The room capacity shown within the brochure must not be exceeded.
b. The furniture for use by the client is provided by Dartmouth House Ltd. Any other furniture or fittings required by the client and the use of the piano can be discussed with Leith's.
c. Dartmouth House staff are not permitted to sign for nor shall they be responsible for any goods delivered to or left at Dartmouth House by the client or their agents, unless agreed in writing prior to delivery.
d. The client shall be responsible for any loss or damage to property, fixtures or fittings at Dartmouth House and for any injury to persons occurring during their use of Dartmouth House.
e. Clients are advised to arrange insurance to cover their liabilities under these conditions.
f. All events must end by 11.45pm and Dartmouth House must be vacated by 12 midnight.

2. Clients' Obligations

Clients shall:

a. Ensure that persons attending the Function do not commit any nuisance, disturbance of infringement which might jeopardise the Dartmouth House Liquor Licence and comply with all reasonable requests of Dartmouth House staff.
b. Comply with all EU and UK laws band regulations and Dartmouth House rules relating to fire, security, health and safety, and otherwise at the Dartmouth House premises.
c. Ensure all Third Party Contractors must liaise with the Company to be advised of the restrictions of Dartmouth House.
d. Not carry out any electrical or other works, use their own electrical equipment or fix anything to the floors, ceiling, walls or any other part of the Dartmouth House premises without the prior written consent of Dartmouth House.
e. Not bring any inflammable, noxious or dangerous items on to the Dartmouth House premises and shall remove any items promptly when requested by Dartmouth House staff.
f. Not carry on any betting, gaming or auction activity on the Dartmouth House premises.
g. Keep all fire exits including all staircases, gangways, passages and doors, free from obstruction.
h. Remove all excessive litter, rubbish, empty boxes and packaging materials from Dartmouth House following an event, beyond general guest usage.
i. Read and abide by Dartmouth House Rules and Regulations and by signing the terms and conditions agree to all points listed.
j. Read and abide by Music at Dartmouth House Regulations and by signing the terms and conditions agree to all points listed.
k. Not utilise any images or logos of Leith’s, Dartmouth House or ESU without prior consent.


3. Dposits

a. Leith's reserve the right to require an advance payment of 100% of room hire and 100% of estimated food and beverage costs to confirm a booking.
b. On signing the contract, a completed Third Party Credit/Debit Card Billing Form must be completed and returned. This will act as guarantor in the event of non-payment and will be automatically be charged if payment is not made by the date specified on the deposit, pre-payment or final invoice respectively.
c. All cheques should be made payable to "Leith's Limited".
d. Any payment made by credit card will incur a 3% surcharge on the gross amount payable. Debit cards will not incur a surcharge.

4. Invoices

a. The prices charged shall be those published in the current tariff. Where an event is booked in advance, confirmation of the price will be made by the Company prior to the event and the Company reserves the right to make such changes as necessary to reflect the increase in costs to the Company.
b. Prices are exclusive of VAT at the current rate, except room hire which is not subject to VAT.
c. Agreed minimum numbers are indicated on the quote. The company will invoice for at least this number.
d. Payment must be made in Sterling.
e. If for any reason beyond our control we are unable to fulfil an order, we shall not be liable for damages or compensation but will return any payments made to the Company. If we are unable to fulfil an order in part, we shall not be liable for damages or compensation but our charge will be abated by a fair and reasonable apportionment.
f. Terms of business are strictly 14 days from receipt of final invoice. The Company reserves the right to charge interest per month for any payment outstanding after 28 days.


5. Supply of Food and Liquor

a. All goods and services are offered subject to availability. Where particular goods and services are not available, all reasonable endeavours will be made to offer a suitable substitute.

b. When consumables are charged on a consumption basis, the client shall check the opening and closing of stocks of consumables in the presence of aCompany representative. If a client does not wish to do so the figures recorded by the Company shall be conclusive.
c. No food may be brought onto the premises by the client or the client's guests for consumption on the premises unless this is agreed by the Company in writing and a disclaimer has been signed.
d. No beverages may be brought onto the premises unless this is agreed by the Company in writing and a corkage charge has been agreed.


6. Cancellation by the Client

a. Confirmed bookings must be cancelled in writing and this will only be effective once the written cancellation is confirmed as received by the Company.
b. If the booking is cancelled within six months of the event date the room hire charge will be forfeited.
c. Charges based on the minimum numbers and minimum food and beverage spend agreed on the contract will be made for cancellations as follows: within number of % of minimum weeks to event catering spend

12 - 8 weeks 10%
8 – 4 weeks 25%
4 – 2 weeks 50%
2 weeks 100%


7. Cancellation by the Company

a. Where a previous account remains outstanding under the Company's Terms and Conditions, the Company reserves the right to cancel any further bookings.
b. The Company reserves the right to cancel a booking when The Dartmouth House premises or any part of them have to be closed for reasons beyond Dartmouth House's control


8. Final Numbers

a. Final Numbers (estimated or confirmed), must be provided in writing 7 working days prior to the event date.
b. The Final Numbers submitted to the Company will be the minimum numbers charged for and will be no less than the contracted minimum.
c. These terms and conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with English law and each party agrees to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts as regards any claim or matter arising.


9. Dartmouth House Regulations

Dartmouth House is a Grade II listed building, and is therefore considered a building of national importance.

The following regulations have been implemented by the English-Speaking Union to protect Dartmouth House and to meet Health and Safety requirements.

a. at weekends, Dartmouth House will open 2 hours prior to the arrival of guests
b. flowers on mantelpieces must not measure higher than the bottom of the mirrors positioned above the fireplaces
c. ESU Members’ furniture cannot be moved or utilised for any events at Dartmouth House ,unless prior consent has been contracted
d. no helium balloons on or around the staircase and foyer. They must be inflated in the rooms
e. no candles or naked flames of any description may be used anywhere in the building or outside areas. Battery operated candles are permitted
f. no fireworks of any description are allowed on the premises
g. the fireplaces are sealed and therefore not functional
h. nothing must be placed in front of the doors to the Chesterfield, overlooking the courtyard
i. fire exits must not be obstructed under any circumstances
j. ice sculptures must have the appropriate trays to collect the water
k. nothing may be attached in any way to walls, pillars, banisters, pictures or other fittings
l. fixtures and fittings may not be removed
m. paintings and mirrors may not be removed
n. the flags at the front of the House cannot be changed or removed
o. plants may not be moved without prior consent
p. no pets or animals are permitted in any part of Dartmouth House (with the exception working or guide dogs)
q. smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises, including the Courtyard area
r. any music must conclude by 23.30 (23.00 on Sundays)
s. live music groups may only consist of up to 5 members
t. the maximum noise level permitted is 80 db. If noise levels exceed this continually for more than 20 seconds, the power will terminate. Power can be re-set by a member of staff.

Leith’s Limited, Registered Office: 24 Parklands, Birmingham Great Park, Rubery, Birmingham, B45 9PZ. Registered in England No. 1790863 VAT Number 466 4777 01