Christmas Party Venue in Mayfair, London

This years Christmas theme at Dartmouth House is 'Christmas in Venice'.

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Why celebrate with a Christmas Party?

The annual corporate Christmas party has been under scrutiny over the past three years. The recession has been paramount to the party down turn, leaving managers with a difficult decision: “To throw a Christmas party or not?” However before even considering not hosting the annual festive get together, bosses and managers alike should take into consideration the effects this could have on your employees and what possibilities your company could be missing out on.

We all know the work Christmas party can present some unusual moments – a embarrassing act from a slightly inebriated employee or some horrific festive singing – but the Christmas party means so much more! For one it is talked about for the entirety of the following year with stories and jokes which never fail to impress. This all means the Christmas party has done its job - to bring workers together and to motivate a sense of familiarity. Strengthening ties between employees is highly conducive to improving organisational performance and team-work. Through the sharing of experience, employees are given shared memories which then bring people closer together.

A seasonal staple

There are a plethora of reasons why corporate Christmas parties are a staple part of wrapping up the year. Yes employers come closer together and company productivity is enhanced but it is also an important opportunity to reward employees. The necessity to make workers feel appreciated and special should not be overlooked. The three staples of a Christmas event food, drink and entertainment all tie in together to not only ensure employees enjoy themselves but also allow the company to celebrate what it has achieved. This year don’t deprive your hard working employees of a chance to let their hair down, have fun and most importantly be merry!

So to recap, the reasons you should have a Christmas party are:

  • Reward employees
  • Celebrate company achievements
  • Create shared experiences between employees
  • Encourage employees to network
  • Enhance productive team-work
  • Improve organisational performance
  • Boost employee morale